The Black Keep is a fast-paced, hybrid tabletop game. The game leverages a very simple style of play that uses 6-sided dice and cards for setup and to determine outcomes.  

The gameplay is fast and fun for up to six (6) players (or 7 if someone acts as the Beast Master), per dungeon box; an average game session lasts around 30-45 minutes on average.  Setup and connect multiple dungeons for large scale play!

Player Profile Cards

Dragon Knights

Download the player profile card to use these models with The Black Keep game.

Download Player Profile Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of FAQ's categorizes by phases of game play.

Game Setup

Yes, if a player comes in contact with the terrain on any side, they are noted as interacting with the treasure on top of it.

Every tile must connect to another tile; even if it is by one movement grid square.

Yes, they are meant to block movement between tiles, between terrain choke points and in general. You have to fight to pass through!

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