The player that moves into combat first has initiative.  This is true turn after turn until the combat is concluded with a single victor.

Attack and Defense

The player who is attacking rolls one or more attack dice (based on modifiers).  The value of the rolls determines whether an attack is successful or not, considering modifiers for defense of the opponent.  The below table shows the dice roll you need to make an attack successful:

Saving Throws

If an attack is successful, the player / monster can make a saving throw.  If the dice roll is 4 or higher, the attack is parried or avoided.  If the dice roll is 3 or lower, then the player / monster is killed (if there is only one wound).  Saving throws are not modified in any way unless a player has a special item or ability (on their profile) that allows for it.

Counter Attacks

Players and monsters that survive a round of attack from the player with initiative always get to strike back (unless there is a modifier that disallows this).  They roll to attack and if successful, the initiator of the combat must make a saving throw.

Ranged Attacks

When a player has a special item that allows them to do ranged attacks, they must first check line of sight.  Line of sight can be made if there are no terrain pieces, playable miniatures, or monsters in the path of the target of the attack.  Ranged attacks can be made against opponent players or monsters.  

The number of squares listed on the ranged attack card is the maximum number of squares you can be away from the target model to be considered in range.  Only models in range can be targeted using the ranged attack.

Multiple Players in Combat

When there are multiple players in combat, initiative is used to determine the order in which each player attacks.  As each player takes their turn to attack, the attacked must make a saving throw.

Monsters always attack last.  If two opponents are in combat with a monster, and the monster is killed, then the opponents remain in combat.

Minion Monster Attacks

A Minion monster has one wound and rolls one attack dice.

When a Minion monster is killed, the player who struck the killing blow receives 1 special item.

Boss Monster Attacks

The Boss monster rolls two attack die when it has two wounds and one die if it takes 1 wound.  The second die can be used to denote that the Boss monster has taken a wound and should only roll one attack dice.

When a Boss monster is killed, the player who struck the killing blow receives 2 special items.

Draws in Combat

When neither a player, or their opponent / monster win in a round of combat, the combat is considered a draw for the current turn.  In the next turn, the player with initiative rolls to attack first.  And this continues through each round of combat until there is a victor.

Death in Combat

When a player dies in combat, they may move to their respawn point as noted in the rules for Movement, if possible.  If not, they must remove the miniature from play.  Later in the game, the player may respawn if someone on their team is granted that capability through a special item.  

When a monster dies in combat, the miniature is moved out of play and is set aside.  Monsters do not respawn.

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