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Here is some fiction to hold you over...

“The Great King, The Dread King”

Augustus the 3rd was as wise as we was kind. He truly loved his subjects and ruled with the intention to bring them the highest level of prosperity possible. He focused on education, self-sufficiency, and martial prowess so they could protect themselves and the civilization that they had built. He exiled men with evil intentions and applauded courteous and mindful subjects. He placed great thinkers and humble men in roles of power. People adored the king and supported him reverently. He was a highly powerful spell caster and a decorated warrior. He was know as the defender and the people’s king. The Towers of light thrived under his leadership for 3 decades.

As is human nature, the other nearby kingdoms coveted what the king had created and the wealth that the city had accumulated. The evil men who had been exiled rose to power in that vein of greed and jealousy. And it was then that they devised a plot to overtake the towers of light. They knew the king’s army was powerful and well schooled in preparation for warfare. But they had numbers on their side and they had something more sinister; a pact with a demon...

The siege had lasted 7 days when the king fell. He was leading his forces to protect a section of wall that had been weakened from various bombardments. At the height of the battle the demon emerged from smoke, seemingly appearing from the void and casting aside intruders and protectors alike. The kings men faltered for a second at the sight of this beast but the king hardened himself and struck a blow that felled the beast. But in the process the beast’s claw pierced his armor and left a gashing wound.

The enemy fled as if the sight of such bravery and the falling dark ally had shaken their resolve. The king was taken to his chambers as the battle waned and his wounds were attended to by his royal guard. The kings mind and body were both exhausted from the furiousness of the 7 day battle and the climactic face off with the demon. It was then that the demon’s corruption slipped into the king, starting from his would and creeping into his mind. The king was too weak to fight it. He was helpless and the demon forced him into a pact. He would serve the demon from this day forward and he would feed on the life force of others to sustain himself, indefinitely.

The king arose in the night to find his queen waiting by his side, attending him. She praised his valor. She told him of the victory. He stood up to her surprise. With eyes that weren’t his own, and strength unthinkable, he cast her aside and crushed her body. Their only daughter lay quietly in her crib on the far side of the room, unaware of the atrocity that had just been committed.

The king left his chambers and met with his guard who were surprised to see him up and about. He told them the enemy had something planned and that they were needed for a special mission that could not wait. Although weary and exhausted, their loyalty was fierce and they followed the king out of the castle and into the night. Not far from the castle walls, the king opened a vortex with his mind. The men followed him in. The king And his men have not been seen for 20 years since that day.

The princess grew up knowing of what her father had done. Supported by those loyal to her father but confused by what fate had befallen him. When she came of age, She ruled as he did and prepared herself and the kingdom for the possibility of his return.

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