Rolling to Move

In the Black Keep game, every movement activity is determined first by a roll of six sided dice.  If the roll is high, it may be to represent unimpeded movement of the player miniature.  If the role is low, it can show that you are moving through difficult terrain or your player may be moving in an overly cautious way.

Movement Modifiers

There are both player special abilities and special items that can modify your movement rolls.  Some effects are positive, giving you a movement bonus and some are negative, reducing the result of your movement rolls.  You can have both positive and negative effects in play at the same time.  Use simple math in this case to determine the final affect of your movement rolls.

Moving and Terrain

In general, playable miniatures do not move on top of terrain.  They move around it.  Some special abilities and special items give players to move through terrain directly.  When doing so, their movement roll must allow them to pass over the number of movement grid squares that the terrain covers.  For more strategic rules about interacting with terrain, see Advanced Rules.


Base-to-Base (B2B) Contact

When you are in a square that is directly adjacent to another square with an opponent, monster, treasure marker, or terrain element, you are considered in base-to-base (B2B) contact.

Moving and Treasure Markers

 You are considered in B2B contact with a treasure if you are in a directly adjacent square to the treasure marker.  If you are diagonally adjacent, you are not considered in B2B contact.  The same goes for monsters holding treasure markers on their bases and terrain with treasure on top of it.

Moving and Combat

If you move into a directly adjacent square (to a monster) you are considered in combat.  If you are diagonally adjacent, you are not in combat.

Death and Respawning

Death can come unexpectedly in the Black Keep!  In general, every player gets a single respawn by default.  If your playable miniature dies for whatever reason, they redeploy at the game tile edge they originally deployed to.  There are also special items that can bring players back from the dead (one or more times).



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