About Us

Immortal Kings (IK) started development of their first range of miniatures in the fall of 2016.  A variety of artists from all over the planet were engaged for line art, color concepts, digital sculpts, and 3D printing.  Over the course of 2017, the first range of miniatures was completed.  In 2018 there was an attempt to fund manufacturing for our initial range of miniatures, via a Kickstarter project.  That project was unsuccessful and the decision was made to try Patreon; a pivot to selling just the 3D printable miniatures through a subscription model (priced per design / boxed set).

In 2019, the decision has been made to pivot to additive manufacturing of miniatures and also selling printable downloads.  It was also decided that IK was situated to provide prototype development to others who wanted to bring their miniatures to life.  Today, IK is gearing up to develop new miniatures ranges that will be sold direct, through this online store.