Profile Cards, Special Items, and Traps

Profile Cards, Special Items, and Traps

Player Profile Cards and Item Slots

On each side of the player profile card, there are slots for positive and negative cards.  On the positive side, you match up special item cards with a heart icon.  On the negative side you can match up special items with a negative effect, as shown with the skull. On the negative side, you can also place trap cards, showing that you faced a trap and lived. You have 5 slots on either side that you can fill with these cards. This is important when calculating who won the game.  It's important to note that when you fill up a side with 5 cards, and new cards that you pickup can be laid down to replace a card that was already next to your player profile.  The replaced card gets discarded to the bottom of the appropriate deck of cards.  You can also choose to discard the latest card you picked up instead of replacing an existing card.  Again, the discarded card gets put on the bottom of the appropriate deck.

Treasure Markers

Treasure markers that were placed during game setup are used during the game as a mechanism for players to gain special items.  But beware as the treasure could be a trap in disguise.  When a player comes into base-to-base contact with a treasure marker or the terrain on which a treasure marker sits, they roll 1D6 to determine if it is a trap or a treasure.

Rolling for Trap vs Treasure

If the player rolls a 1 or 2, the marker is a trap and they must pull a Trap card.  Each trap card describes the effect and the required saving throw (if needed).  If the player rolls a 3-6, they can pull a card from the special items deck.  If they face the trap and live, they can pull a special item card and place the trap card on the negative side of their player profile card.  In all cases, once this roll is made and the cards have been pulled, the treasure marker is removed from play.

Traps and Death

In some cases, a player will be killed by the trap.  In these cases, the playable mini should be removed; unless the player is able to respawn due to them having a special item, or a teammate with a special item that allows this.

Monsters and Special Items

When a Minion is defeated in combat, the player that strikes the final blow receives the benefit of 1 special item card.  When a Boss monster is defeated in combat, the player that strikes the final blow receives the benefit of 2 special item card.

Special Item Types

As mentioned before, there are two types of special items.  Those that grant a positive effect and those that create a negative effect.  They are each denoted with their own icons.  A heart for positive and a skull for negative.

Special Items and Exp Points

See Objectives and Winning for more details on the Experience Points value assigned to each card type.

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