Immortal Kings Fantasy - The Black Keep

The Black Keep Is a fast-paced, hybrid tabletop game which mixes the variety of a dungeon crawler with high end miniatures and terrain.

The Queen of the Towers is sitting in the throne room quietly considering the warriors she had summoned.  With a commanding tone she asked the royal guard and courtesans, “Leave us”.  Once everyone had shuffled out and the doors to the chamber were closed, she addressed the 3 warriors.

“You are my loyal friends and protectors.  I must ask you to do something which will put you in great danger.  It may even cost you your lives.”  The warriors didn’t even flinch at this notion.  They had been shaped their entire lives by a culture of martial prowess and unwavering loyalty.

The queen continued, “There are secrets in the Black Keep that we need to uncover.  This task may be the key to banishing my father’s armies once and for all.”  The bulky form of the Royal Guardsmen moved forward and made a salute with his hands.  Then he spoke.  “Thy will is our guide.  Your command is our oath of honor.”

The decorated warrior knew that this mission would likely mean certain death for him and the companions that stood behind him.  But he would not shrink from the work.  He had been there when the king turned and he had a hand in raising the princess ever since that day. As he contemplated their fates, the two women behind him stepped forward and repeated the ancient oath of fealty.  He had expected as much.  These warriors all had a special bond with the queen and worshiped her like a deity.

The queen responded with a hint of sadness in her eyes, “My friends…  Let us discuss what is to be done.”


On a dark cavern cliff overlooking a glowing forge below, the dread king observed the work with eyes that glowed ghostly white.  His gaze snapped forward suddenly.  With a gesture of his right hand he summoned a giant warrior to come forward from the shadows behind hime.  The warrior stood double the height of an average human man and wore a helmet with jagged metal teeth meant to mimic the fangs of a monster.  His plate armor was covered in the crusty dried blood of many past battles; looking as though it had never once been cleaned.

The king spoke softly and slowly.  His voice echoing despite the low volume and the noise from the forge below.  “The time has come…”