Moving Around the Wastes

In general, the vehicles of the wastes benefit from advanced ancient technology.  This means they are highly maneuverable and don't need to account for turning arcs or the like.

Measuring your Moves

Each Vehicle Profile Card has a notation of the distance the vehicle can move, in inches.  This is shown on the card next to the icon with four arrows.

Movement Modifiers

There are many things which could impact movement.  For example movement could be reduced due to Damage or Movement could be increased via an Equipment upgrade.  In both cases this will be noted on the Equipment Card.  Hazards may also impact movement and those cases will be noted on the respective Hazard card.

Making Moves

Each player calculates their movement stat between the Vehicle Profile Card and the attached equipment.  Movement is measured from the front of the vehicle.

Ending the Movement Phase

The Movement Phase ends once all Vehicles that cam be moved, have been moved.  There are various cases where a vehicle may not move (such as Hazards or because it is engaged in Junk collection).

When movement ends, the Combat Phase begins.