Making Repairs

Making Repairs

About Junk Coins

Junk Coins are collected when you destroy an opponent ship, interact with Junk Pile Markers, or complete tasks as noted on Objective Cards.

Using Junk Coins to perform Repairs

Roll a D6 to see if you can make a repair.  You must roll a 3,4,5, or 6 to make the repair.  You only pay out junk coins if you roll successfully.  Rolling a 1 or 2 means you are not able to make the repair.  

It will cost you the same value in Junk Coins as the piece of equipment originally cost in points value.  Note: it may cost you more than the original value if noted on the equipment card.

Bastions on the Tabletop

If landing at a Bastion for one turn, you do not need to roll for repairs.  Beware, an opponent can still target you while you are in dry dock.