Junk Collection

Junk Collection

Junk is the Modern Treasure

As noted previously, many of the waring tribes in Savage Wastes are searching for some technology that will give them an edge in the fight for survival.

Junk Coins

Junk coins are doled out (from a bank of available coins) when Combat leads to Crashing an Opponent's Vehicles.  Objectives are also normally tied to earning Junk Coins.  You may even find Junk Piles scattered around the wastes...

Junk Coins are marked with a skull and crossbones on one side will note the value on the other side; as shown in the example below:

Interacting with Junk Piles

You must spend one turn parked (no movement) within 3" of a Junk Pile to be considered interacting with it.  After that turn is over, you can remove the Junk Pile Marker from the Tabletop and take a 10 Point Junk Coin from the bank of available coins.

If there are two or more parties within the 3" with a junk marker. when the time comes to battle over the junk you roll the number of D6 equal to your hit points and count the total score by adding all numbers together.  The person with the higher score wins the junk pile coins.  This is to reflect a brutal close combat between the crews on the ground trying to collect the junk.

Spending Junk Coins

See the section for Making Repairs and Campaign Play.

Running Out of Junk Coins

In general, this should not happen.  There is a surplus of Junk Coins in different denominations included in the game box.