Hazards on the Tabletop

Hazards may take many forms on the tabletop.  From otherworldly creatures, to gravity mines, and fierce storm clouds.  There are a set of Hazard Cards to explain what the impact of each of these is to Playable Vehicles.  Note: feel free to develop your own Hazards and related rules!


Hazards are normally deployed with other terrain as part of Game Setup.  Look at the Advanced Rules for controlling hazards.

Hazard Cards

For every Hazard reflected with a terrain element or model on the table, there should be a Hazard card placed close to the play area.  These cards should contain the rules for the hazard.  Note: many hazards are only activated via Playable Vehicle proximity, during standard play.

Taking Damage from Hazards

Damage from hazards should be treated the same way damage during combat.  If there are any modifiers, they should be noted n the Hazard Card.