Damage and Crashing

Damage and Crashing

Taking Damage

Damage can be a result of combat or interaction with hazards.  When a saving throw is failed, Damage is taken.  You roll a D6 to see which part of your ship got damaged.  If you only have 3 slots on your Vehicle profile card, you take 1/2 of the value of the dice roll, rounding down to determine which Equipment got damaged.  For example if the roll is a 6, then the slot damaged is 3.  If the roll is 5, then the slot damaged is 2.

You can mark damaged equipment with a "Damaged" Token and / or a Damage Marker (on the miniature).

Note that there may be a related impact due to the Damage.  In the example below, the movement of the Vehicle is reduced when the piece of the Equipment is in a Damaged State.


Damage Markers

To create a more immersive experience, Damage Markers can be added to the Playable Vehicles.  See an example below:

Making Repairs

See the section on making Repairs to learn about reversing Damage.


When a Vehicle takes on the number of Damaged Equipment equal to its Hit Points, it is considered Crashed.  It cannot be repaired at this point.  You must move the miniature off the playing surface.  Note: you can mark a Crashed ships location with a Junk Marker (see Advanced Rules for more information).

The Vehicle that struck the final blow earns Junk Coins in the amount as noted on the Crashed Vehicle's Profile Card.  See more under the section regarding Junk Collection.