Battle in the Savage Wastes

The feuds between tribes have been happening for as long as anyone remembers.  Each tribe is trying to extract any valuable technology, from a forgotten age, so they can continue to survive in this inhospitable place...

Combat Types

There are three primary forms of Combat in the game; which matches the types of Vehicles that are depicted through miniatures on the Tabletop:

  • Air-to-Air
  • Air-to-Ground
  • Ground-to-Ground

Players should note the type of Combat taking place before declaring which weapon they are shooting with.  Note: Some weapons can only be used in a certain type of Combat:


Number of Attacks

During the Combat phase, a Player gets to roll dice for each weapon that isn't Damaged.  The number of Dice are noted on the Equipment Card along with Strength.

Choosing a Target

When shooting a weapon, a specific target must be declared.  When shooting the weapon used must also be declared.  Note you cannot shoot through a friendly model unless using the "Friendly Fire" advanced rule.

Checking Range

After Target and Weapon are declared, range is checked based on the Equipment Card.  This is done using a ruler or measuring tape.  If the Target is out of range, then the attacking Player does not get to roll any Attack Dice.  If the Target is in Range, the Player gets to roll the number of Attack dice as noted on the Weapon Equipment Card.

Strength of Attack

As noted on the Weapon Equipment Card, the Strength defines the D6 rolls that are needed to hit the Target.  For example:

  • 4+ means that the D6 rolls need to be "4" or higher to hit
  • 5+ means that the D6 rolls need to be "5" or higher to hit
  • 6 means that the D6 rolls need to be "6" to hit

Saving Throws

Any hits that are taken can be saved against by rolling a D6.  On a roll of 4 or higher (without any modifiers), the hit is noted as deflected.  Rolls of 3 or lower mean the Target has to take Damage.  See the section on Damage for more details.

Saving Throw Modifiers

In certain circumstances, a Saving Throw roll may incur a modifier.  This will be noted on the Attacking Weapon Equipment Card or on the Hazard Card.