Winning & Campaign Play

Winning & Campaign Play


There may be specific rules set forth in any given scenario but, winning can also be tied to the complete annihilation of your opponent.  Scenarios could limit the number of overall turns that will be allowed for in the game.  It may also set forth victory conditions.  In games where neither player's force is fully destroyed, the method to determine a winner is counting up coins, vehicles that haven't been destroyed (their coin value) and equipment that isn't damaged (their points value).

Linked Battles and Storyline

In campaign play, it's important to have a theme or a storyline which helps create a more immersive experience for the player(s).  In the future, Campaign supplements will be released by Immortal Kings.  For now, you can come up with your own stories.  We look forward to hear about these! 

Characters and Motives

As part of creating a storyline, you can call out the specific characters and their motives.  You can do this by creating character sheets and notes about the famous / infamous vehicles that they have ridden in.  This is just a fun way to take the campaign experience to another level.  Be on the lookout for some supplements that cover some of the characters we have come up with and send us your ideas so we can compare notes!

The Bastions

The Bastions are the home bases and neutral way points in the waste where the tribes scare together enough self-sustaining tech to survive.  Ships often dock at these fortresses to resupply with crew and other goods.  During campaign play, between games, it is expected that your fleet has returned to a Bastion to either lick their wounds or celebrate victory.

Upgrading your Vehicles

While you are docked at a Bastion, you have the option to take the loot you earned in battle to upgrade your ships.  You can swap out existing equipment with other equipment at the same cost without paying anything.  You can also take on more expensive equipment at the difference in cost in junk coins.  So you can swap a 5 cost item for a 10 cost item by paying the difference of 5 coins.

You can also upgrade for weapons or equipment that is impervious to damage. This equipment is aligned to the space below the profile card to the right and left of the Objective card (if applicable); sitting under other equipment in some cases.

To add this extra equipment you pay the cost listed on the card plus a 5 junk coin fee to "harden the gear".

Replacing Crashed Vehicles

If you lost ships in the previous game, they can come back in the follow up games.  This is possible because you had some ships in reserve or you convince a new ship to join your cause.