Miniature Prototyping Services

Immortal Kings strives to help our clients creat great miniature prototypes.  Below you will find the process we use to ensure satisfaction throughout our engagements.  To get started, read the below and then submit a request.


Concept Development

Every miniature begins as a concept and every concept goes through multiple stages.  Concepts may start as small rough sketches (known as thumbnails) where the general silhouette and poses can be captured quickly and in quantity.  At this stage the feedback that is required is selection of specific thumbnails which will progress to the next stage of development.

The second stage is line art development.  This stage includes taking thumbnails and creating detailed sketches which show everything that will be part of the miniature.  The feedback given during this phase is usually around very specific edits to the design.  The focus should be on ensuring the design is going to translate well from 2D drawing into a 3D sculpture.

The third and final stage of concept development is coloring.  This stage is optional but will help to finalize the concept as a reference for miniature painting.  If the quality of coloring is high enough, the concept art may be considered for use on packaging.



Once concept art is approved by a client, the concept is sent to a sculptor.  The sculptor May use traditional methods but more often the sculpting is completed in the digital realm.  Software such as Zbrush is commonly used to do sculpting.

Sculpting normally includes phases.  The early phases involve roughing out shapes that give the miniature basic dimensions and form.  Later phases consist of building the model up and adding detail.  Detail is formed from various techniques such as layering.

To ensure the miniature is ready for printing, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure keying is correct and seam lines are minimal.  When sculpting is complete, a miniature is ready for 3D printing.


3D Printing

To ensure that a miniature meets client expectations, it is important to observe it in a state close to what would be manufactured.  Printing may not always be done at the final scale but we recommend at least one printed prototype match the expected scale.

All of our printing is done at our facility in New Mexico.  We leverage a print farm consisting of the latest FormLabs printers.  These printers offer high levels of detail, even at smaller scales.  

Once printing is complete, miniature prototypes are cleaned and prepped for shipment.  Miniatures are packed carefully with sufficient protection to reduce damage during shipment.