Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Boxed Sets

- What scale are IK miniatures printed?

IK miniatures fall into two categories when being offered in physical box sets.  Furthermore, IK miniatures fall into three size classes; small, medium, or large.  Below is the sizing based on category and size:

Wargame Scale:

  • Small - ~2.5"
  • Medium - ~3"
  • Large - 4.5"

Painting Scale:

  • Small - ~3"
  • Medium - ~4.5"
  • Large - 6"

- What are IK miniatures made of and how / where are they made?

IK miniature physical boxes sets include 3D printed parts that are manufactured at our facility in NM, USA.  We use FormLabs printers in a print farm format to create our products in a “demand-based manufacturing” methodology.

- Are IK miniatures fragile?

IK miniatures are made from 3D printing resin which is similar to materials that are commonly used in other miniature manufacturing.  While they are somewhat fragile, we believe they are sturdy enough for tabletop wargames.  Having said that, please refer to our below recommendation for transporting miniatures

- What recommendations are there for painting IK miniatures?

we recommend starting with a base coat and successive layer painting using an airbrush.  We then recommend paint brush for small details.

- What recommendations are there for transporting IK miniatures?

we recommend sturdy light weight plastic cases with foam inserts to ensure miniatures don’t shift during travel.  We recommend cases with wheels so that it’s easier to carry through airports and anywhere else where you have to walk / wait for a while.

- What wargames rule sets are IK miniatures compatible with?

IK miniatures are game-agnostic and can be used with a variety of gaming systems.



- Why launch products via Kickstarter?

In order to speed up the development of products and reach a larger audience of miniature wargame enthusiasts, we leverage Kickstarter for certain product development / preorder / launches.  Many other products are released directly on our site; sometimes with a discount if it's a preorder (to align to the idea of giving the folks who fund early a discount, regardless of platform for launching).



- How long Will it take for my order to ship?

Orders usually ship with 1-2 business days.  It may take longer if an item is in high demand and our inventory needs to be replenished.

- What method / carrier will be used to ship my order?

Most often shipments will be sent using USPS. Some larger orders may be sent via FedEx or UPS.  International orders may be shipped via third party carriers.

- Where can I find tracking information?

tracking information will be sent to the email associated with an order, after an item has been shipped.  If you believe you have not received tracking information in a timely fashion, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form.

- What should I do if there are problems with my order?

If you believe There is an issue with your order (missing parts or otherwise), don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form or at


Printable Digital Downloads

- What 3D printer do you recommend?

We recommend that anyone planning to print our miniatures use the FormLabs Form2 or Form3 printers.  We have tested the Form2 printer for prototyping and will leverage the Form3 for all our product printing going forward.  We recommend the standard grey resin based on price and performance. 

- Can I print miniatures at any scale?

While it is possible to print our miniatures at larger or smaller scales, the final quality of any print will depend on the capabilities of the 3D printer being used.  Work with a professional or be knowledgeable about your printer’s capabilities before you modify scale settings.

- Can I make modifications to 3D sculpts?

Yes, you are welcome to create something new.  Share your creations with us by tagging us on social media!

- Can I sell IK miniatures that I print / manufacture?

Yes, anyone can manufacture miniatures that we release as digital downloads.  We feel that this is only appropriate given the state of additive manufacturing and our desire for our miniatures to exist on every continent around the globe.


Prototyping Services

- How much does it typically cost to prototype a single miniature?

Pricing varies but we recommend a baseline budget of $1500 to get started.  Changes during development can incur additional costs.

- How long does it take to go from idea to finished prototype?

it can take several weeks to develop a prototype miniature.  We recommend allocating 6 weeks to your planned schedule at a minimum.

- How does IK ensure final prototypes meet expectations?

we have multiple feedback points throughout the prototyping process to ensure we are creating a miniature that meets your requirements.  This allows us to course correct, if necessary, as early on in the process as possible.

- Will IK publish my miniature for sale in their product catalog?

while we don’t currently offer this, it may be something we entertain in the future.  If you’ve worked with us to develop a prototype, we’ll keep you in mind!